The first meeting of the satellite club “Odessa Sea Energy” after the new year and quarantine began with good news. On January 26, during the meeting, new members of the club were greeted – Darya Kononova and Igor Rudy. Congratulations to the new Rotarians! There are already 14 of us, there are still a few left and we can talk about creating another independent Rotary club in Odessa.
In addition to good news, we also worked fruitfully: discussed the candidacies of future members of the club, the prospect of creating an independent club in the near future, general plans for the year, plans for next month, development of beech brand of the future Rotary Club “Odessa Sea Energy”, site and social media pages, creation of a base for establishing partnerships with Rotary clubs in Ukraine and abroad.
As is clear from the text, the main goal is to create the Rotary Club “Odessa Sea Energy” by the end of February this year.
Lots of plans! Perseverance even more!