With quarantine easing, Rotarians are starting to resume meetings offline! Because it is difficult to replace a friendly circle of like-minded people with communication even with the help of the most advanced gadgets.
On June 2, the first post-quarantine meeting of the Rotary Satellite Club Kyiv-Capital “Odessa Sea Energy” took place in Odessa. During the meeting, proposals were presented on areas for further activities in the environmental field, development of children and youth, protection of their rights, creating an inclusive social environment. After the discussion, priority areas and areas of responsibility were identified, and the most pleasant moment was the solemn reception of new members of the satellite, including environmental specialist – Olga Afanasieva and IT specialist Eugene Sigayev.
Rotarians are people of action, so the main issue of the meeting was to identify priority projects for implementation and include them in the strategic plan of the Club. Assistance to children, vocational training, environmental activities are selected as priority areas.
Service beyond the Self! Congratulations to the new Rotarians !!!