On October 3, a non-standard meeting of members of our satellite club took place. During the weekend we became more and more financially educated. The game “Life Capital” and part-time training in financial literacy was conducted by a well-known Rotarian – Sergei Ivaglo, an expert in investment and finance from Kharkov.
Everyone considers themselves financially literate and confident that they can manage their own finances and more. But after participating in the training game, you realize that there is still a lot to learn, and this game is very conducive to this. The most impressive are the 3 questions that need to be answered or analyzed before making a decision: is it profitable for me? Can I afford it? How many% of the “working capital” can I invest in some direction almost without risk? And after the test of three questions it is possible to make the considered decision.
During the day, the trainer kept the participants “in shape”, unexpected questions, practical examples, comments and tips helped to understand that you should not be afraid, you should use the services of experts and be sure to disable the function – “I AM / I AM” !!!
After the game, there was a clear understanding and confidence that all this can be used in personal life and especially in the further activities of the satellite Rotary Club “Kyiv – Capital – Odessa Sea Energy”. And most importantly you need to play again! This must be developed in Rotary clubs of Ukraine and beyond! Financial literacy should be taught to children from childhood!
Special thanks to Leonid Ignatiev, President of the Satellite Rotary Club “Kyiv – Capital – Odessa Sea Energy” for the opportunity and coach Sergei Ivaglo. It was interesting, meaningful, useful, emotional!