The friendly Rotary family is growing, on November 25 the Odessa Satellite Rotary Club “Kyiv – Capital – Odessa Sea Energy” became richer by one member – congratulations to Andriy Kolodyuk! Andriy, entrepreneur, investor, founder and managing partner of the venture fund AVentures Capital, founder of the OTT service Divan.TV, initiator and chairman of the supervisory board of the Ukrainian Venture Capital and Direct Investment Association (UVCA). He started his business in New York in 1992, founded more than 10 companies in the IT, telecommunications, Internet and media fields.
He is a supporter of the idea that the information society is not just a philosophical concept, but a strategy for the development of the state. That is why in 2001 he decided to engage in public activities, becoming a co-founder and president of the All-Ukrainian Foundation “Information Society of Ukraine”.
Congratulations to the new Rotarian!